Natalia sends her request to Texo's commercial agent, who ensures to give her the best offer for the mills that Texo rigorously chooses; whose production capacity, quality and prices fit her request.

The next day, Natalia receives offers from different manufacturers that match her request.

Natalia confirms her order by signing a contract and making the advance payment for the products. From that moment on, the production of the products starts in the factory.

Once the merchandise is produced, Texo will oversee the verification process through the agents in the countries of origin that Natalia will receive her products from; according to the standard and the requirements made.

The merchandise is taken to the port where it will be shipped, once the shipping documents are available Natalia uses the financing tools that Texo offers to pay the balance of the invoice value.

The merchandise arrives at the port of destination and Natalia performs the nationalization with the advice of Texo through a customs agent. Once the merchandise is nationalized, a land transportation company is contracted so that Natalia receives the merchandise in its warehouse.

Natalia sells the merchandise and pays the remaining invoice balance to Texo within the stipulated period after receiving the shipping documents (60 - 90 - 120 days), improving her cash flow and reducing the operation risks to a minimum.